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In the first Japanese restaurant in town is the perfect blend between the tradition and rigor of the Japanese cuisine with the creativity of the country where the chef and his collaborators have lived: Brazil, resulting in unique recipes. The wise care in the preparation of the dishes has been passed down from Aquira to Edward and finally to Sushiman Dhirendra that continues the best tradition of Mirai and has enriched the new creations.

The quality and freshness of raw materials are critical in Japanese cuisine as well as the technique and rigor needed for the preparation of the dishes. The wisdom of Sushiman and mastery of the cut, combined with the appearance refinment create very special dishes like Taimaki with sea urchin, the Uramaki Ebiten with the addition of strawberry, delicious marinated Amaebi, and Futomaki.deliziosi Amaebi marinati, ed il Futomaki.


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