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we ensure you a safe stay in our Hotel

Ref DPCM of 17/05/2020 and Regional Ordinance n. 48 of May 17th 2020 and subsequent amendments and additions

The following procedures are applied in our Hotels and Restaurants:
• Property access: we do not require a health certificate for access to the hotel, but temperature controls may be carried out at check-in. In case of temperature measurements equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius the required protocol shall be applied. (Covid Manager).
• Common areas: it is recommended to wear mask in the common areas.
Interpersonal distance of at least one meter is guaranteed in all common spaces by identifying the different path within the Hotel, with a particular focus on the Entry and Exit zones.
• All public areas and facilities are equipped with hand sanitiser gel.
• Public areas floor and surfaces are periodically aired and sanitized and, during the night a regular disinfection with sanitizing products is made.
• Check-in/check-out: separate desks have been identified and organized with differentiated routes for Transit Customers(in/out). Desks are equipped with plexiglass barriers and staff wears masks.
• Different services (porterage): staff is equipped with PPE (disposable gloves and masks) and was trained on procedures and precautionary distance to maintain with Guests
• Public Washrooms and toilets: access is provided by two persons at a time, they are equipped with sanitizing gel and anti-bacterial soap and sanitized every hour with suitable products.
• Elevators: the use of elevators is allowed only using a mask and maintaining the interpersonal distance. Exception is considered in case of members of the same household.
Buttons are disinfected after each use.
• Restaurant/Breakfast Areas: access is allowed with the protective mask, that can be removed only if seated at the table. Our Restaurant is spacious enough to allow the requested distance of one meter between diners. Our Staff is equipped with PPE and all surfaces are periodically sanitized and aired as a scheduled procedure.
• Buffet service is not available and dishes are served at the table.
• Rooms: a cleaning and sanitization protocol is entrusted to a qualified external Company.
• Climatization: air-conditioning systems have been sanitized by a specialized Company and an internal protocol has been provided in order to improve the cleaning of filters and ventilation grids.

,Venice June 23rd 2020

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